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Bullets (18 Products)
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  Berger Bullets (restricted can't ship outside U.S.)
Wolfe Publishing CompanyBerger Bullets (restricted can't ship outside U.S.)
Berger Bullets
BULLETS CAN'T BE RETURNED IF YOU HAVE OPENED THE SEALED BOX AND/OR TOUCHED THE BULLETS. BULLET ORDER MUST BE A MINIMUM OF $25.00. •We use only the highest quality copper and lead available to eliminate impurities or other material issues. Our material vendors have been in their industry for decades. We have regular meetings at their facility and ours to refresh our mutual understanding of our highest material quality requirements •Our bullet weight tolerances are listed below. The actual results are usually tighter than these tolerances allow: ........ 20 gr to 60 gr -- +or- 0.05 gr ....... 62 gr to 115 gr -- +or- 0.1 gr ....... 120 gr to 168 gr -- +or- 0.15 gr ..........175 gr to 210 gr -- +or- 0.2 gr •Our bullet base to ogive (bearing surface) tolerances are listed below. It is important to note that measuring this dimension is difficult as the point of contact is a thin and rounded surface. If you find measurements greater than the tolerances listed below please measure the same 10 bullets several times to confirm that your measuring device is reliable and repeatable (many on the market are not). We use a specially developed process which includes custom made gauges to ensure reliable and repeatable measurements. Most reports of bullets outside this tolerance are found to be the result of how they are measured: ...........20 gr to 115 gr -- .003 ES .........120 gr to 210 gr -- .005 ES •All jackets, cores and bullets within a given lot are made with one die to guarantee consistency. •Each bullet is made on a die that is designated for that bullet. This die is set aside and used again for all lots until this one die wears out. •Die changes are regularly announced to our dealers and publicly on several shooting forums on the internet so that shooters can be aware of this important change. It is likely that this change will produce little if any difference in performance; however, we understand the requirements and expectations of those rifle shooters who use Bergers so we know the importance of this information. •All tooling is precision made using dimensional tolerances in the .00005. Using precision-made tooling is an absolute requirement. The companies who make our tooling are specifically in the precision tooling business. We meet with them regularly to communicate our tooling needs and special projects. Those who understand precision tool making know that these things are possible but not without deliberate effort and experience. •J4 Precision Jackets are the only bullet jackets in the world known for less than .0003 total wall thickness variation on every size and lot. This has been true for decades and is provable by checking any lot. There are those who claim that they can meet this tolerance and we know that they can every once in a while, but to do this with every single lot is something that only J4 has perfected. Anyone who wants to can order jackets and check them yourself. This is an absolutely critical aspect of precision bullet performance and we are the only bullet company with this capability.
0017827502 270 Cal 140 Grain Match Hunting VLD Bullet 100/Box
Discount Price: $43.36 Add to Cart
0017827503 270 Cal 150 Grain Match Hunting VLD Bullet 100/Box
Discount Price: $43.78 Add to Cart
0017830416 30 Cal .308 dia 155.5gr Match BT Fullbore 100/Box
Discount Price: $46.89 Add to Cart
0017830508 30 Cal .308 dia 155gr Match Hunting VLD (Very Low Drag) Bullet 100/Box
Discount Price: $46.81 Add to Cart
0017830409 30 Cal .308 dia 155gr Match Target Boat Tail Bullet 100/Box
Discount Price: $54.21 Add to Cart
0017830510 30 Cal .308 dia 168gr Match Hunting VLD (Very Low Drag) Bullet 100/Box
Discount Price: $47.26 Add to Cart
0017830411 30 Cal .308 dia 168gr Match Target Boat Tail Bullet 100/Box
Discount Price: $47.88 Add to Cart
0017830420 30 Cal .308 dia 175gr Match Boat Tail Bullet 100/Box
Discount Price: $50.90 Add to Cart
0017830512 30 Cal .308 dia 175gr Match Hunting VLD (Very Low Drag) Bullet 100/Box
Discount Price: $50.48 Add to Cart
0017830418 30 Cal .308 dia 185gr Match Boat Tail Bullet 100/Box
Discount Price: $50.22 Add to Cart
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