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Reloading Presses/Kits and Accessories (13 Products)
Looking to reload your spent cartridges, and go another round or two? Our selection of industry-leading reloading presses, kits, and accessories will do it all for you…and at discounted prices. Whether you want to reload your shotgun, rifle, or pistol…our ammunition and shotshell reloading presses and equipment, by top-quality manufacturers such as Lyman and Redding; are adept at size indexing, extraction, expansion, and cartridge replacement; to recycle your used ammo into new fuel for your fire. All of our state-of the-art tech-innovative ammunition reloading presses boast the optimum in technological industry breakthrough features such as: compact linkage systems, durable iron frames, compound leverage systems, multi-station turret heads, hardened linkage pins/retaining rings, and maximum press openings for size reload versatility. And if you’re looking for press kits or reloading accessories; we have everything from sportsmen quality loading blocks, primer trays, and case neck dippers to stuck case removing kits and beginner instruction packs. What’s more, all of our high performances presses and reloading accessories undergo thorough testing and engineering to ensure the utmost in durability, craftsmanship, and functionality. With our selection: reloading has never been so easy…or inexpensive!
  Reloading Products > Reloading Presses/Kits and Accessories 
  Lyman's TMAG II Expert Kit
Wolfe Publishing CompanyLyman's TMAG II Expert Kit
There is no better way to get started in reloading than with Lyman's popular "Expert Kit". It is the one kit that offers a complete selection of top quality equipment. All you need to add is your reloading components and you are ready to load ammunition of the highest quality. The Expert Kit starts with a choice of the new T-Mag II Turret Press or New Crusher II Single Station Press. After you pick your press you get a complete selection of all the best Lyman tools in one package. For powder handling, there's our high quality 500 scale and famous number55 Powder Measure. When it comes to case trimming, there is no better product than our efficient Universal Case Trimmer with universal chuckhead. No collets required! To complete this fine package are most of the small, but necessary, accessories that add speed and versatility. This may be your first purchase of reloading equipment. Make it the best. The Lyman Expert Kit makes you an expert right out of the box! â?¢ Choice of T-Mag II or Crusher II Press â?¢ Universal Trimmer with Expanded Pilot Multi-pack â?¢ Pro 500 Reloading Scale â?¢ Number 55 Powder Measure â?¢ Universal Priming Arm â?¢ Primer Tray â?¢ Auto Primer Feed â?¢ Extra Decapping Pins â?¢ 48th Edition Reloading Handbook â?¢ Primer Catcher â?¢ Deburring Tool â?¢ Powder Funnel â?¢ Quick Release Turret System (T-Mag Press only) â?¢ Case Lube Kit â?¢ 7/8" x 14 Adapter (mounts number 55 powder measure in press turret)
000157810142 T-Mag II Expert Kit (no caliber) W/1000 XP Digital Scale
Discount Price: $391.17 Add to Cart
000157810140 TMAG II Expert Kit (No Caliber)
Discount Price: $390.05 Add to Cart
- Product Highlights -
Wolfe Publishing Company The most convenient reference available to American reloaders from the last 45 years. Includes manufacturers and authors' recommended loads and tips. Newly revised and updated to include the newer pow
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Mike Venturino The latest reprint of Mike Venturino’s series on Old West firearms, SHOOTING BUFFALO RIFLES of the OLD WEST, evokes memories of these historic rifles, and the colorful characters who shot them, from a
View More
Shooting Lever Guns of the Old West
Mike Venturino 300 pages detailing all pre-1900 models of Winchester and Marlin lever action rifles and carbines, plus reloading data on cartridges from the .25-20 to the .50-110.
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Shooting Sixguns of the Old West
Mike Venturino Until recently if someone judged the Old West by television and movie portrayals, there was only one sort of handgun in use. That, of course, was the Colt Single Action Army which was also commonly ca
View More
Shooting World War II Small Arms
Mike Venturino Mike's new book is one of the most comprehensive books available on WWII firearms. While most books cover the history behind the firearms and how they performed in battle, they stop there. Mike covers
View More
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