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American Rifle
Rifle Magazine
June - July 2002
Volume 37, Number 3
ISSN: 0017-7393
Number 217
On the cover...
Stan Trzoniec used a custom Ruger Model 77 MKII .284 Winchester topped with a Burris 3-9x scope to develop handloads with the Barnes X-Bullet in Winchester Brass and Redding dies. Photo by Stan Trzoniec.
Rifle Magazine
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Rifle Magazine
Whats New

Walker’s Power Muffs Quad

Walker’s Game Ear, Inc. has introduced the most advanced, uniquely designed and sophisticated amplification earmuffs made. The new Walker’s Power Muffs QUAD is designed with four individual high frequency response microphones. Each ear cup has a front and rear mounted microphone, covered with a high-density foam windscreen. According to Bob Walker, “With the four microphones installed in these specific   locations, absolute stereo or surround sound is attained.”

Using four separate microphones guarantees these muffs will produce the most natural, crystal clear sound amplification possible. At the range, voice communications and commands are clear and precise; in the field, the softer sounds of approaching game are easily identified and located.

Walker’s Power Muffs QUAD provides 50 dB of power with a maximum output of 110 dB. Adjustable volume control wheels for each ear allow the individual to control the loudness for different applications or environments. The highly sophisticated adjustable frequency tuning (AFT) circuit is a unique feature found only in Walker’s Game Ear product line. This AFT circuit is also incorporated in the Power Muffs QUAD, giving the user the ability to adjust frequencies for his or her personal preference or individual hearing needs. For hearing protection, the Power Muffs QUAD uses an advanced sound activated compression (SAC) circuit that compresses loud sounds, like muzzle blasts, to safe levels instantaneously. These units also provide superior hearing protection with a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 24 dB.

The ear cups’ unique contour cut design makes Walker’s Power Muffs QUAD less bulky than standard muffs, eliminating interference when shouldering a gun. The muffs are ultra lightweight and come with an adjustable padded headband, making them extremely comfortable for all day use. The ear pads are made of a very soft and pliable butyl rubber material, creating the ultimate acoustic seal for maximum hearing protection. Also incorporated into each set of muffs is an anti-microbial agent that helps prevent growth of bacteria, mold and fungi within the muffs. Walker stated, “Because of our years of experience, product testing and research, we can use the highest-quality components and still give the most affordable price.”

Bob Walker began manufacturing Game Ear in 1989 after years as a hearing health care specialist and avid outdoorsman. For more information on the full line of Walker’s products, including the Game Ear, Tactical Ear and Power Muffs, contact: Walker’s Game Ear, Inc., Dept. H, PO Box 1069, Media PA 19063; 1-800-424-1069; or visit online at:

Big Game Rifle
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