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Straight Shooters Cast Bullets
Rifle Magazine
April - May 2003
Volume 38, Number 2
ISSN: 0017-7393
Number 222
On the cover...
The Thompson/Center Encore .357 Maximum features a 15-inch Hi-Luster blue barrel with "Muzzle Tamer" and 2.5-7x T/C scope set in Duo-ring mounts. Photo by Stan Trzoniec.
Rifle Magazine
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Rifle Magazine
Whats New

Easy Seater Straight-Line Seating Die

The manufacturer of the Anywhere portable reloading press has introduced a new straight-line seating die that is fast, accurate, convenient and can seat cast bullets into case necks that have not been belled without shaving lead. Bullets can be inserted through the side of the Easy Seater die so that handloaders no longer need to fish bullets past the case neck to get them into the bottom of their seating die.

The Easy Seater uses a sliding sleeve to hold the bullet in perfect alignment with the case neck. A built-in micrometer, graduated in .001 inch increments can be used to precisely adjust bullet seating depth. An innovative new seating die design allows handloaders to insert bullets through a window in the side of the die. Previously, bullets had to either be balanced on top of the case neck or pushed past the case neck into the die and then forced into alignment by the inside of the die. This process was tedious with very small bullets, because it had to be done out of sight under the press frame. Now the bullet can be inserted above the press frame, right up front and in easy view.

Cast bullet seating used to require that the case mouth be belled so the end of the case neck would not scrape lead from the side of the bullet as it was forced into alignment with the case neck and then into the neck. The critical corners of the bullet base could be damaged as the bullet slid into a vertical position over the case mouth. Using the Easy Seater die, the bullet starts out in perfect alignment with the case neck. Belling case mouths is no longer necessary. A good chamfer inside the neck is all that is needed so cases last longer.

The Easy Seater straight-line seating die can be used to seat bullets in any cartridge of the same bullet diameter. To seat bullets of a different diameter, the inner sleeve and seating stem can be changed within the same die body. The micrometer top allows returning the die to the right seating depth. The handloader who works with a number of different cartridges will find the Easy Seater system much more economical than buying a straight-line seater for every cartridge he loads. Because the die is bullet specific and not cartridge specific, the Easy Seater can be used on cartridges for which dies would have to be custom made.

The Easy Seater Straight-Line Seating Die is available for .224-, .257-, .308-, .375-, .409- and .458- caliber bullets. Neck diameters are 0.022 inch over nominal bullet diameter. Sleeves and seating stems can be special ordered for other diameters. The die body is threaded 7/8-14 to fit most reloading presses.

For more information about the Easy Seater straight-line seating die visit the Meacham T&H web site at:

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