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Montana X-treme
Rifle Magazine
May - June 2004
Volume 36, Number 3
ISSN: 0162-3583
Number 213
On the cover...
The custom Weatherby Vanguard is chambered for a variety of popular hunting cartridges and features a hand laminated stock. The Cooper Model 57 LVT .22 rimfire is outfitted with a Bushnell Elite Model 4200 2.5-10x Scope in Leupold rings. Pronghorn photo b
Rifle Magazine
Rifle Magazine Wolfe Publishing Company
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Rifle Magazine
Whats New

XPB Pistol Bullets

Great for Lever Rifles

Barnes has recently expanded its lineup of all- copper XPB pistol bullets to include 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .45 Colt, .454 Casull, .480 Ruger/.475 Linebaugh and .500 S&W Magnum projectiles. Some .44 and .45 magnum XPB pistol bullets work extremely well in lever-action rifles at high ve­locities.

The 185-grain .45 ACP bullet the company originally developed for U.S. Special Operations forces in 1991 has also been reintroduced. This handgun version of the well-known Barnes X-Bullet performed so well in military applications, Barnes began manufacturing .44- and .45-caliber bullets for civilian use in magnum revolvers.

The 100-percent copper XPB bullets designed for .44 magnum and .454 Casull handguns are ideally suited for use in .444 Marlin and .454 lever rifles. In addition, Barnes offers both 250- and 300-grain flatnosed X-Bullets designed specifically for .450 Marlin and hot-loaded .45-70 lever-action rifles. “While most jacketed lead-core handgun bullets are intended for slower velocities than these rifle cartridges can generate, the XPB and X-Bullets perform very efficiently at elevated speeds,” says Tim Janzen, Barnes Bullets’s research and development engineer. “They penetrate deeply and won’t separate like lead-core bullets do.”

Featuring Barnes’s patented X-Bullet technology, the all-copper XPB and X-Bullets offer “dramat¬≠ically increased penetration over jacketed lead-core bullets, along with superior expansion and weight retention,” Janzen says. “These remarkable, controlled-expansion bullets create a greatly extended wound channel, along with maximum trauma and shock. Energy transfer is unsurpassed.”

For more information contact: Barnes Bullets, Inc., Dept. R, 750 N 2600 W, Lindon UT 84042; or visit online at:

Accurate Powder
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