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Rifle Magazine
December - January 2003
Volume 38, Number 6
ISSN: 0017-7393
Number 226
On the cover...
The Smith & Wesson Model 627-4 .38 Super comes from the Performance Center with a compensator, 5.5-inch barrel and Miculek stocks. Mule deer photo by Ron Spomer.
Rifle Magazine
Rifle Magazine Wolfe Publishing Company
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Rifle Magazine
Whats New

Brenneke Black Magic 12-Gauge Slug

Brenneke has introduced the Black Magic Magnum, an extremely accurate and powerful   12-gauge slug with a special CleanSpeed™ coating that virtually eliminates lead fouling in shotgun barrels.

The Black Magic Magnum is designed for use in either smoothbore or rifled shotguns with 3-inch chambers. Combined with Brenneke’s newly designed PowerWad (patent pending), the 13?8-ounce slug is capable of 2-inch groups at 50 yards, and 31?2-inch groups at 100 yards.

One of the most powerful slugs ever created, the Black Magic Magnum produces a velocity of 1,502 fps and 3,014 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle. It is suitable for large or dangerous game and is ideal for deer-sized game to 100 yards.

The Black Magic Magnum uses the same distinctive weight-forward design, deep ribs and massive frontal area that give all Brenneke slugs unsurpassed knock- down power and penetration. Brenneke is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of shotgun slugs, having invented the modern shotgun slug in 1898.

For more information contact BrennekeUSA, Dept. H, PO Box 1481, Clinton IA 52733; call toll-free: 1-800-753-9733; visit online at:; or e-mail:

The Original Silver Bullet
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