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Rifle Magazine
August - September 2004
Volume 39, Number 4
ISSN: 0017-7393
Number 230
On the cover...
The Turnbull Cowboy Classic features color case frame and carbona blue on the barrel, cylinder and grip frame. Ivory stocks are by Jim Alaimo ( and engraving is by Adams and & Adams, PO Box 66 Vershire, VT 05079. Photo by Gerald Hudson.
Rifle Magazine
Rifle Magazine Wolfe Publishing Company
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Rifle Magazine
Whats New

Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner

The manufacturer says its Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner is “the best gun cleaner on the market - hands down!” That’s a pretty big claim, and I’ll soon be putting it to the test for a report on bore cleaners I’ll be preparing for Rifle after I get a few prairie dog hunts out of the way. There’s no better venue for comparing effectiveness of various bore cleaners than a populous dog town, where fast, continuous shooting quickly cruds up barrels.

I’ve tried the stuff (sorry, it’s not blue, but a clear liquid gel) on a .223 WSSM I’ve recently been shooting but haven’t fired enough rounds to provide a real test. For the record, the bore did clean up quickly, with little fuss or bother.

”This powerful concentrated gel adheres to the surface for deep cleaning action,” the company says. “In the bore it completely removes copper and lead deposits, powder residues and plastic build-up. It also quickly removes black powder corrosion, leaving a chemically clean, bare metal surface.”

In addition, Blue Wonder is supposed to remove rust from a gun’s exterior and not damage blueing.

The company points out that, “many gun cleaners now on the market are petroleum-based products that can be toxic, harmful to the skin, dangerous to breathe, flammable and environmentally unfriendly.” Who knew cleaning guns was so hazardous? Blue Wonder is not petroleum based, toxic or harmful to the environment. It’s supposed to be completely biodegradable.

Here’s the company’s explanation of how Blue Wonder gun cleaner works: “When a round is fired through a gun, a tremendous amount of heat is formed, both from the combustion process and the friction between bullet and bore. This heat forms oxide molecules (lead oxide and/or copper oxide) which bond the copper and lead deposits to the bore. Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner attacks this oxide molecule, breaking the bond and allowing the copper and lead deposits to be quickly, easily and completely removed.”

Rust - iron oxide - is attacked in the same way. The company advises using the cleaner with 0000 steel wool or a soft brass brush for removing rust, and says blueing will remain unharmed.

Used with ScotchBrite pads, emery cloth or some other abrasive, the cleaner is said to make it easier to remove old blueing. In addition, the company says Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner will quickly emulsify any petroleum-based product. It removes moly-coating from bores, along with any grease or oil.

For more information, contact Blue Wonder Gun Care Products, Dept. HL, 1585 West Sam Houston Parkway N., Suite 200, Houston TX 77043; or you can visit online at:

The Original Silver Bullet
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