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Starline brass
Rifle Magazine
April - May 1999
Volume 34, Number 2
ISSN: 0017-7393
Number 198
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Hornady celebrates 50 years. The .240 Weatherby Li
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Rifle Magazine
Product Tests
Revolver Cylinder Conversions

Steve Gash

One can learn a lot of neat stuff thumbing through the gunny catalogs. One evening I was perusing Denney's new 15th anniversary catalog and spied an item described as "full-moon clips, 38SPL Taurus 8-shot." If someone sold full-moon clips for a Taurus, it stood to reason that someone altered the guns to use them. Being the proud owner of a Taurus Model 608 eight-shot .357 Magnum revolver, I made a phone call.

The Denney's folks referred me to one Bob Miles of Gardena, California. It turns out that Mr. Miles not only makes the clips, but also converts revolver cylinders for their use. In addition to the eight-shot Taurus, Miles also converts and offers full-moon clips for six-, seven- and eight-shot S&W revolvers of various calibers.

I shipped the cylinder assembly of the Model 608 off, and in a very short time, I had the converted cylinder back, along with a supply of clips. The cost was $85 for the conversion, and this included five clips. It even included the return shipping. Extra clips for the Taurus eight shot are $3. Clips for the S&W revolvers are $1.50 for the six shot, $2.75 for the seven shot and $3.25 for the eight shot.

Upon examination of the cylinder, I found that Miles had lathe-cut a slight recess in the rear of the cylinder and extractor star to make room for the clips. The clips for the Taurus are .022 inch thick and have a .666-inch hole in the center.

For those familiar with the relatively thick clips for the S&W Model 625 .45 ACP revolver, these little hummers seem pretty thin, but they work like a charm. As a bonus, the revolver shoots and ejects just fine without the clips.
On the .357 clips, not just any old brass can be used. A card included with the shipment stated, "The use of Federal, R-P or Starline brass is recommended. Winchester cannot be used due to its smaller groove cut." I guess the size of the groove cut on a rimmed case isn't too important in a cartridge in which it isn't normally used for anything, but it is in this application. Sure enough, the Federal, Starline and R-P brass I had on hand worked fine. Midway brass also worked. There is some variation among all these brands, so the shooter will have to cherry-pick a little. If the groove cut in the case is too deep, the cartridge will actually fall out of the clip. If it's not deep enough, you can't get the case in it. Also, since these clips are pretty thin, I think it would be fairly easy to bend them. Then, I'd guess they're toast. Remington cases work the best of all, so I laid in a supply of them, and all's right with the world.
The full-moon clip extractors we all use for .45 ACPs work fairly well with the .357 clips, but if you bend the sides of the extractor together just a little, they work like they were made for the smaller cases.

As any action or pin shooter will tell you, it is much faster to reload a wheelgun with full-moon clips than with speedloaders. Now owners of a whole host of revolvers can have this advantage as well.

Bob Miles can be contacted at 15929 Estrella Avenue, Gardena CA 90247. Denney's Shooter's Supply is located at 1703 State Street, PO Box 402, Cedar Falls IA 50613
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