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Rifle Magazine
June - July 2001
Volume 36, Number 3
ISSN: 0017-7393
Number 211
On the cover...
A Ruger #1 RSI International in 7x57mm Mauser features a Burris 6X scope in Ruger rings. Photo by Stan Trzoniec.
Rifle Magazine
Rifle Magazine Wolfe Publishing Company
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Rifle Magazine
Whats New
Royal Arms Gunstocks’ Bullet Puller

Royal Arms Gunstocks introduced an innovative new bullet puller that is easy to use. Screw the bullet puller into the die station of the reloading press - it only needs to be finger tight - then put the first cartridge into the shellholder and raise the ram until the bullet is far enough through the puller to be gripped by the segments. Usually this is just past the middle of the ogive of rifle bullets or well down on the truncated cone of pistol bullets. Be sure to guide the bullet coming in so it stays centered. Now reverse the ram direction to pull down. The bullet is caught by the segments and will stay in the puller. Put the next cartridge in the shellholder and raise the ram to push that bullet into the bullet puller. As the second bullet goes in, it will push the first one out. Thus, bullets can be pulled as fast as you can cycle ammunition through the press.

Lead pistol bullets are sometimes hard to pull because the crimp has more grip than the puller. If you have trouble, cut a short piece of tubing just larger than the cone of the bullet. Put a cartridge in and raise it into the puller so the segments can grip the cone. Push the tubing down hard on the tips of the segments and reverse ram direction to pull the bullet.

Be careful not to push a cartridge too far through and have the segments grip the cartridge neck. At this point it will either pull the neck or the rim off the cartridge. To extricate a cartridge from the bullet puller, turn the shellholder so the cartridge entry opening is opposite the shellholder entry opening in the press ram, then snap the shellholder out of the press and off the cartridge rim at the same time. Unscrew the bullet puller from the press and remove as a unit. Then push the cartridge on through.

For more information contact Royal Arms Gunstocks, Dept. H, 919 8th Avenue North West, Great Falls MT 59404.

Sierra Bullets
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