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Accurate Powder
Rifle Magazine
May - June 2002
Volume 34, Number 3
ISSN: 0162-3583
Number 201
On the cover...
The D'Arcy Echols Legend rifle is built on a Winchester Model 70 bolt action. A Leupold scope is secured in custom rings and mounts. Rifle photo by Gerald Hudson. Dall sheep photo by Mike Barlow.
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Orange Stuff

What can you say about orange goop that comes in a plastic container looking a lot like nacho cheese dip? You can say this: In one experiment, where several black-powder lubricants were cooled for several days in a refrigerator (not the freezer section), Orange Stuff remained in a paste form instead of looking like dried up plaster of Paris, as did some other products. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to prove much more. Tested in a .54-caliber rifle with Triple Seven FFg and FFFg powders, cleaning between strings was not required for quite a few shots; but that’s a trait of Triple Seven, so the lube would not have made much difference. Going at it again, this time with FFg black powder, Orange Stuff continued to allow multiple shots without undue bore fouling, which was more impressive.

Old Western Scrounger does not credit Orange Stuff with miracle properties. It will not make an inaccurate gun shoot straight, nor will it preserve a muzzleloader that isn’t cleaned properly after a shooting session. It does, however, absorb into a ball patch perfectly, and a dab on the base of a conical bullet decidedly helps to keep fouling soft. Incidentally, lubricating the shank of conicals has not been found advantageous to accuracy. Nor has this practice proved useful in allowing more shots between bore swabbing at the range. In fact, lubricating only the base may provide the best accuracy. It looks that way, although here again we have a factor that is very difficult to prove.

Old Western Scrounger does promise, however, that Orange Stuff will not harm a muzzleloader, and it definitely does its intended job - lubricating a bullet while at the same time keeping fouling soft for easy cleanup after shooting. Its ingredients are natural. That does not mean it is intended for any other purpose than shooting. It is also odorless, although that characteristic is shared by other lubes as well. Mostly, it’s easy to use, a little dab on patch or bullet base doing the job. As for the container, it works, and if the simple plastic tub, about the size of a large container of sour cream, keeps the cost down, I am all for its continuance.

For more information, contact Old Western Scrounger, 1540 Lucas Road, Yreka CA 96097; or visit online at

Ramshot Powders
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