This issue is only available on CD-ROM.The Custom Colt Single Action from Peacemaker Specialists" />
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Rifle Magazine
October - November 1999
Volume 34, Number 5
ISSN: 0017-7393
Number 201
On the cover...
This issue is only available on CD-ROM.The Custom Colt Single Action from Peacemaker Specialists. Purchase the CD-ROM here
Rifle Magazine
Rifle Magazine Wolfe Publishing Company
Rifle Magazine Featured Articles
Table of Contents
Product Tests
What's New
Rifle Magazine
Table of Contents
6 There have been Some Changes Made
Reloader's Press
Dave Scovill
10 Nosler's J4 Competition Bullet
Layne Simpson
12 4 Bore
Cartridge Board
G. Sitton
14 Reloading Philosophy
Powder Keg
Ross Seyfried
16 Ponsness/Warren 900 Elite
Hotshot shotshell loader!
Layne Simpson
20 Benchrest Loading for Hunting Rifles
Common sense accuracy.
John Barsness
26 Reload - When it Matters
Ammunition with absolute reliability.
Ross Seyfried
30 Jacketed Bullets Wanted!
Filling in the gaps
Ken Waters
34 Black Powder in the .45 Colt and .45 S&W
Black powder still works!
Mike Venturino
38 More Betless Rounds
American Hunting Rifles.
Wayne van Zwoll
44 Shotshell Patterns Primer
How big? How far?
Gil Sengel
52 .219 Donaldson Wasp
A benchrest classic.
Stan Trzoniec
57 Product Tests

60 Reloading the Soviet 7.62X25
Reader Research
Eric C. Blatter
66 What's New in the Marketplace
Inside Product News
Don Polacek
72 America's Outdoor Books for Avid Sportsmen
Special Catalog Section
80 Hodgdon's Extreme Powders
Propellant Profiles
R.H. VanDenburg Jr.
86 In the Begining
The Last Word
G. Sitton
- Article Bites -
In the Begining
More than 25 calendars have been worn out since I loaded my first cartridge. Looking back, it seems the years were counted out like pocket change - quickly, casually and without much concern.


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Reload - When it Matters
The lion swished his tail back and forth, then it shot straight back like a steel rod. He could cover 100 yards in 4 seconds, or the few that separated you from the 3-inch fangs and hooked claws in part of a heartbeat. Your very messy death by 400 pounds of rogue chain saw...
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Product Tests

Nosler Trophy-Grade 9.3mm Spitzers

Old notions, like well-worn hunting boots, are hard to discard sometimes. When John Nosler’s Partition bullets first s...

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What's New in the Marketplace

MidwayUSA Indispensable Powder Dispenser

MidwayUSA has expanded its offerings in the reloading tools market with a new Indispensab...

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