This issue is only available on CD-ROM.The big Bore .450 Alaskan designed by the late...
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Rifle Magazine
August - September 1999
Volume 34, Number 4
ISSN: 0017-7393
Number 200
On the cover...
This issue is only available on CD-ROM.The big Bore .450 Alaskan designed by the late...Purchase the CD-ROM here
Rifle Magazine
Rifle Magazine Wolfe Publishing Company
Rifle Magazine Featured Articles
Table of Contents
Product Tests
What's New
Rifle Magazine
Table of Contents
4 Hornady SST
Reloader's Press
Dave Scovill
8 Bizzarre Primer Leak
Reader Bylines
10 .45 S&W Schofield
Cartridge Board
Gil Sengel
12 Briley Subgauge Tubes
Layne Simpson
14 Sunset for the 10?
Al Miller
18 .505 Gibbs
A backup rifle for brown bear
Phil ShoeMaker
22 Rest-Testing Techniques
How to...
Al Miller
28 Old Slugs - New Slugs
How construction affects performance.
Wayne van Zwoll
34 28-Gauge Choke and Load Selection for Sporting Cla
An inside look
Layne Simpson
40 It's the Components - Not the Case!
A look at bullets, powders and primers.
John Barsness
46 .40-82 Revisited
Modern loads for a blackpowder standard.
Mike Venturino
50 .375 H&H Magnum
A new look.
Ken Waters
56 What's New in the Marketplace
Inside Product News
Don Polacek
64 Product Tests

74 Book Reviews

78 Hodgdon's TITEWAD
Propellant Profiles
R.H. VanDenburg Jr.
86 A Legend Passes: Harold Johnson, Father of the Ala
The Last Word
Roderick T. Halvorsen
- Article Bites -
Product Tests
Safeguard Multi-Slug Systems

Al Miller

Those who have made a study of such things tell us that most shots...

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What's New in the Marketplace
SIG Arms P245 Compact

The proven performance, reliability and precision engineering of SIG Arms’ Classic line of semiautomatic pistols steps to a new level wi...

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Sunset for the 10?

Give the shooting public what they want, and they’ll buy it, right? Well - sometimes.

Case in point: Jeff Cooper’s 10mm.

For more ye...

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It's the Components - Not the Case!

Ever since the invention of the self-contained cartridge, shooters have been looking for The Perfect Case. This is right and proper, since one definition of "human" suggests that our search for perfection is what sets us apart from every other known orga...

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