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Rifle Magazine
July - August 2003
Volume 1, Number 4
Number 4
On the cover...
Elk photo by Gary Leppart
Rifle Magazine
Rifle Magazine Wolfe Publishing Company
Rifle Magazine Featured Articles
Table of Contents
What's New
Rifle Magazine
Table of Contents
6 Along the OxBow
Mind Your Manners
Dave Scovill
10 Wingshots
The Between Gauges
John Barsness
14 A Guide's Notes
A Guided Guide
Phil Shoemaker
16 Strings & Arrows
Increasing Arrow Speed the Right Way
Bob Robb
20 Ridge Tops & River Bottoms
Standing Broadside
Ross Seyfried
24 Handguns
The Pre-Hunt
Brian Pearce
26 Surronded by Elk
Canadian Wilderness Bonanza
John Barsness
32 Backpack Hunting
The Good, Bad and Ugly
Ron Spomer
38 Power Calling Monster Whitetails
Secrets of Techniques and Timing
Bob Robb
44 A Carolina Experience
Sea Ducks and Swans
Ross Seyfried
50 Pistols & Prairie Dogs
Short Barrels and Long Shots
Clair Rees
54 Sheep Hunting's Crown Jewel
Marco Polo Rams
Phil Shoemaker
60 Essential Gear

John Haviland
64 Gear Tech
Just in Case
Stan Trzoniec
72 On the Menu
Dog Days of Summer
Eileen Clarke
80 Successful Hunters

86 Product Showcase
New Product Reviews
Don Polacek
98 Game Trails
Bucking The Wind
John Barsness
- Article Bites -
Strings & Arrows

A common theme echoing across bow-hunter land is that today, with reasonably priced laser rangefinders found from coast to coast, raw arrow speed is not an important factor in bow hunting....

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Surronded by Elk

Experienced elk hunters in my native Montana do not camp where they intend to hunt. Conversation, firewood-splitting and horses neighing drive off nearby elk. Within a couple days, mountain winds circulate the various camp stinks even farther. Soon you...

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Product Showcase

Advantage Camouflage¨ New MAX-4 HD

Designing a camouflage pattern ...

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