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Rifle Magazine
September - October 2003
Volume 35, Number 5
ISSN: 0162-3583
Number 209
On the cover...
The Model 1873 Springfield was the mainstay of the U.S. Army until it was replaced by the .30 U.S. (aka .30-40 Krag) in 1892. Rifle photo by Gerald Hudson. Whitetail Deer photo by Ron Spomer.
Rifle Magazine
Rifle Magazine Wolfe Publishing Company
Rifle Magazine Featured Articles
Table of Contents
Product Tests
What's New
Rifle Magazine
Table of Contents
6 Dave Manson Precison Reamers
Spotting Scope -
Dave Scovill
12 Boat-Tail Bullets: The Cruel Hoax
On Target -
Ross Seyfried
18 Scott Green - Custom Rifle Builder
Custom Corner -
Stan Trzoniec
20 High Magnification Binoculars
Optics -
John Barsness
24 Model 1873 Springfield
Historic Military Rifles
Al Miller
32 Hunting Loads for the .32-20 and .25-20 WCFs
Winchester Classics with Modern Loads.
Brian Pearce
40 How to Design Riflescopes
Guts and luster!
John Barsness
48 Daniel Frasier .400
A rare and beautiful masterpiece.
Ross Seyfried
56 Calhoon's Nifty .19
Mini-bore for small game and varmints.
Stan Trzoniec
64 Model 1873 U.S. Springfield at Long Range
The .45-70 at 600 + yards!
Brian Pearce
72 Where to Go
Special Advertising Section
76 Meridian Color GPS Receiver
Product Tests -
92 Alte Scheibenwaffen Old German Target Arms Vol 1
Book Reviews -
Ross Seyfried
96 What's New in the Marketplace
Inside Product News -
Don Polacek
108 Get Those Old Rifles Shooting with Bertram Brass
Reader Research -
Breil Jackson
118 Swapping
Rifles & Woodsmoke -
John Barsness
- Article Bites -
What's New in the Marketplace

Hunter’s Extreme CopperMelt

CopperMelt, Inc., has introduced a new product called “Hunter’s Extreme CopperMelt...

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Meridian Color GPS Receiver

Meridian Color GPS Receiver

There are five models of the Meridian GPS Receiver: the basic, no-frills Meridian GPS, the Gold, ...

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High Magnification Binoculars

High-Magnification Binoculars

The downside to a big binoc...

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Model 1873 U.S. Springfield at Long Range

The Model 1873 U.S. Springfield was the rifle that brought the .45 U.S. (aka .45 Government and .45-70) cartridge to life and served as our military rifle (or carbine) from 1873 until 1892 when the .30 U.S....

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