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    Rifle May/June 2023

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    Rifle May/June 2023

    This issue features Nosler Rifles, Cartridges and Amunition; Hardy Rifle Hybrid with 6.5 PRC & 243 Winchester Barrels; Modernizing the Stevens; U.S. Military Rifle Cartridges; Henry 45-70 Lever Action; and much more.

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    The .30-06 Springfield

    Stan Trzoniec

    With so much in the way of equipment out there today in the shooting world, it’s easy to get conf... ...Read More >


    Measuring your BC - Oehler System 89

    Jeremiah & Rick Jamison

    Rick and Jeremiah setup and test the Oehler System 89. It is designed to measure in real time you... ...Read More >


    Ruger’s Hawkeye Varmint Target Rifle

    Stan Trzoniec

    Opening the box from Ruger instantly revealed a cousin to an old favorite of mine. Called the Haw... ...Read More >

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    Mostly Long Guns

    Alexander Arms and the 6.5 Grendel
    column by: Brian Pearce

    AR-15-pattern rifles, also known as Modern Sporting Rifles (MSR), have achieved huge popularity among shooters of several generations. Many millions have been sold to civilians, which are used for purposes that include personal and property protection, hunting, recreation, various action-shooting events, match target competitions and collecting. Due to the action size and overall cartridge-length limitations, case- head diameter, allowable bolt-head thrust, etc. of AR-15-pattern rifles, they are limited as to cartridge size and power. Switching to an AR-10-pattern rifle permits the use of larger and more potent cartridges such as the 308 Winchester and similar rounds. But on the downside, that rifle is notably larger and heavier. As a result, many attempts have been made to develop the ultimate cartridge for AR-15-pattern rifles. ...Read More >


    Down Range

    45 Gov’t/45-70 Success
    column by: Mke Venturino - Photos by Yvonne Venturino

    Why did the 45 Gov’t (45-70) gain such success almost immediately upon introduction to the point it’s still favored by thousands of shooters 150 years later? It’s because it was state of the art for its time considering its intended purpose. This is especially so when one takes a hard look at the rifles/carbines displaced by the then-new 45 Gov’t. ...Read More >


    Light Gunsmithing

    Maintaining Winchester’s Later Model 52
    column by: Gil Sengel

    In my last Rifle column, I covered Winchester Model 52 rifles up to the 52B and its supposed trigger problems. Some complained that the trigger “kicked back” (finger piece snapped forward) when the sear released and had “annoying vibrations” when the rifle fired. There was, however, a problem with the problem – Winchester engineers could not duplicate it! It’s pretty difficult to correct a mechanical problem if the complaint can’t be experienced by the person tasked with correcting it. Many small changes were tried, but still some owners were unhappy. Could this have been an early example of “fake news” at Winchester’s expense? ...Read More >


    A Rifleman’s Optics

    The Riton Optics 1 Primal 4-16x 44mm
    column by: Patrick Meitin

    Riton Optics is a veteran-owned company that has made a name for itself by offering solidly-made products at blue-collar prices. In all honesty, I’m at a loss to explain how Riton is able to offer the high quality they do at such reasonable prices, while garnering very high customer ratings and providing an unconditional lifetime warranty requiring no proof of purchase or registration. Every Riton optic undergoes a rigorous, dual-inspection, quality-control testing process by certified technicians in Riton’s Tucson, Arizona, headquarters. However, if you should have a problem, simply fill out a form, send the optic in and it will be replaced free of charge. Riton scopes are manufactured in Asia, so that’s part of the savings, which does not come with the connotations it once did – at least in terms of craftsmanship and materials… ...Read More >

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