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.22/6mm Texas Trophy Hunter

Stan Trzoniec

When it comes to wildcat cartridges, anything with a .22-caliber bore gets my attention, and the ... ...Read More >


The .257 Weatherby Magnum

Stan Trzoniec

In talking with Ed Weatherby some time back, our discussion naturally gravitated to the Weatherby... ...Read More >


Winchester Model 1885

Brian Pearce

The design and development of the Winchester Model 1885 single-shot rifle was without question on... ...Read More >


Venerable Elders

Terry Weiland

The American single-shot target rifle – epitomized by Ballard, Maynard and Stevens – occupies a u... ...Read More >


Musing the Ruger No. 1

Stan Trzoniec

Looking back at Ruger Firearms history, it seems the owner, Bill Ruger, always had a knack for fi... ...Read More >


Winchester Centennial Model 1876

Dave Scovill

While the Model 73 was a remarkable success, and the .38 and .44 WCFs were considered by many to ... ...Read More >


Winchester Model 1873

Dave Scovill

The Winchester Model 73 was the result of several years of development that began with the Hunt r... ...Read More >


Volquartsen’s New Battle Worn Rifle

Stan Trzoniec

Like everyone I know, we all grew up on a .22 rimfire rifle. It was a natural thing to do. After... ...Read More >


Handloading the .45-60 WCF

Brian Pearce

In the last issue of, we offered loads for the .40-60 WCF chambered in a reproductio... ...Read More >


Careful with Bronze Bore Brushes

Ron Spomer

Copper, steel and bronze bore brushes can cause serious problems if you’re not careful. I was cle... ...Read More >