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.425 Westley Richards "Rifle System"

Terry Wieland

In 1912, Birmingham gunmaker Westley Richards celebrated its 100th anniversary with a special, ha... ...Read More >


Pedersoli 1874 Sharps

Jeremiah Polacek

We test smokeless powders in the Pedersoli 1874 Sharps Q Down Under. It is a replica of the rifle... ...Read More >


Ruger American Rimfire Long-Range Target Rifle

Stan Trzoniec

Over the past few years, rimfire rifles have started to set a standard of their own. They have de... ...Read More >


The Perfect Big Bore

Layne Simpson

In African Rifles & Cartridges, John Taylor grouped cartridges into several categories. He descri... ...Read More >


One Classy Savage Rifle

Stan Trzoniec

Times change and so do the wants and needs of the American sportsman. New cartridges seem to arri... ...Read More >


A Blast from the Past

Stan Trzoniec

Hard to believe it’s been almost 60 years since the Remington Model 700 BDL version was introduce... ...Read More >


Medium Big-Bore .375s

Brian Pearce

The October freezing rains had made it nearly impossible to walk on the slippery rocks, not to me... ...Read More >


Weatherby's Varmintmaster .224 Magnum

Stan Trzoniec

In 1981 three Weatherby Varmintmaster rifles were noticed on the rack in a store, so the one with... ...Read More >


Browning’s BAR - Ask the Man who has One!

Stan Trzoniec

Friend Joe Pirani was a Browning fan from the word go. He had Browning Superposed shotguns for fi... ...Read More >


A Touch of Class

Stan Trzoniec

When I opened the box containing the Mossberg Patriot Revere, all I could say was “WOW” – for her... ...Read More >


Shaw's Custom Mark X Sporter Rifle

Stan Trzoniec

Over the years, I’ve always been interested in custom rifles, so it wasn’t long before I followed... ...Read More >


Winchester's Model 70 Super Grade

Stan Trzoniec

The “Rifleman’s Rifle.” Heard it more times than I can remember, and by rights, tenure and the re... ...Read More >


What Is a Big Bore?

John Barsness

A couple of decades ago, a Montana outfitter named Bill Beck extended an invitation to hunt black... ...Read More >


Cooper’s Famed Model 57M Rifle

Stan Trzoniec

In my younger days, summer always meant a lot to me. There was fishing in the brook off the lane ... ...Read More >


Big Medicine for Elk

Jack Ballard

Bigger is better,” or so the saying goes in American culture; but at certain points in history, ... ...Read More >


The "Big 50"

Terry Wieland

The most famous shot fired in the history of the American West was Billy Dixon’s, in 1874, at the... ...Read More >


Browning and Winchester’s famous Model 1885 Single Shot Rifle from past to present…

Stan Trzoniec

... ...Read More >


Stopping Power


Prior to the advent of big-bore, smokeless-powder cartridges, the standard African dangerous game... ...Read More >


Big Enough and Small Enough

Terry Wieland

Winston Churchill was in his early 30s when, as Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies, he jou... ...Read More >


1870's Single Shots

Mike Venturino Photos by Yvonne Venturino

The 1870s was arguably the most significant decade in American firearms history, and despite cine... ...Read More >


Browning’s New X-Bolt Varmint/Target Rifle

Stan Trzoniec

With the thought of the lazy days of summer coming, I started to look for something fresh to take... ...Read More >


.22 Remington Jet

Stan Trzoniec

My association with Thompson/Center goes back a long time. As a writer and hunter, I was always i... ...Read More >


28 Nosler Handloads

Jeremiah Polacek

The Nosler M48 Carbon Mountain Rifle is reviewed and taken to the range, where we shot and tested... ...Read More >


MTM High-Low Shooting Table

Jim Matthews

There are many products we buy as shooters to fill a niche we perceive as essential. (Let’s not q... ...Read More >


Varmint Grenade

Clair Rees

The desert sky dawned blue and cloudless. The sun felt good in the early morning chill. It would ... ...Read More >


Varmint Cartridge Propellants

R.H. Vandenburg, Jr.

When asked to develop a feature article on my favorite varmint powders, it occurred to me that pe... ...Read More >


Six Interesting but Often Forgotten Varmint Cartridges

Stan Trzoniec

In this world of new and exciting cartridges, sometimes we tend to forget the ones that may have ... ...Read More >


Smith & Wesson M&P15-22

Charles E. Petty

Whether we like it or not, the face of shooting is forever changed. Some doubtless remember when ... ...Read More >


E.R Shaw .22-250 Ackley Improved

Stan Trzoniec

The introduction of a new rifle is an interesting option for any forthcoming hunting season, but ... ...Read More >


.223/5.56 NATO Twist Rates

Brian Pearce

Many shooters consider AR-15/M16 rifles chambered in 5.56 NATO as being modern, state-of-the-art ... ...Read More >


HSM Low Recoil 6.5 Creedmoor Ammuntion

Jeremiah Polacek

On Handloader TV we like to test various rifles and handguns. Also, from time to time, we like to... ...Read More >


The Savage B.Mag in .17 Winchester Super Magnum

Stan Trzoniec

With the birth of a new cartridge comes the introduction of new rifles. For the hunter, this is a... ...Read More >


.22/6mm Texas Trophy Hunter

Stan Trzoniec

When it comes to wildcat cartridges, anything with a .22-caliber bore gets my attention, and the ... ...Read More >


The .257 Weatherby Magnum

Stan Trzoniec

In talking with Ed Weatherby some time back, our discussion naturally gravitated to the Weatherby... ...Read More >


Winchester Model 1885

Brian Pearce

The design and development of the Winchester Model 1885 single-shot rifle was without question on... ...Read More >


Venerable Elders

Terry Weiland

The American single-shot target rifle – epitomized by Ballard, Maynard and Stevens – occupies a u... ...Read More >


Musing the Ruger No. 1

Stan Trzoniec

Looking back at Ruger Firearms history, it seems the owner, Bill Ruger, always had a knack for fi... ...Read More >


Winchester Centennial Model 1876

Dave Scovill

While the Model 73 was a remarkable success, and the .38 and .44 WCFs were considered by many to ... ...Read More >


Winchester Model 1873

Dave Scovill

The Winchester Model 73 was the result of several years of development that began with the Hunt r... ...Read More >


Volquartsen’s New Battle Worn Rifle

Stan Trzoniec

Like everyone I know, we all grew up on a .22 rimfire rifle. It was a natural thing to do. After... ...Read More >


Handloading the .45-60 WCF

Brian Pearce

In the last issue of, we offered loads for the .40-60 WCF chambered in a reproductio... ...Read More >


Careful with Bronze Bore Brushes

Ron Spomer

Copper, steel and bronze bore brushes can cause serious problems if you’re not careful. I was cle... ...Read More >