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The ICON Precision Hunter

Stan Trzoniec

In 2007, as a strange departure from its single shot and muzzle loading line, Thompson Center (T/... ...Read More >


Henry’s New Big Boy Color Case Hardened Side Gate Rifle

Stan Trzoniec

When talking about the variety of American guns that are available today, nothing seems to surpas... ...Read More >


Nosler® Expands Rifle Line with All-New Model 21™ Rifle


Nosler® Inc., a world leader in the manufacture of premium bullets, cartridge cases and ammuniti... ...Read More >


Single Shots in Africa


The simple truth is that 90+ percent of all African hunting has been done with a single-shot rifl... ...Read More >


Big Bores and Brown Bears

Phil Shoemaker

Until the development of smokeless powder, the only means by which a hunter using black powder an... ...Read More >


Repurpose That Rifle!

Stan Trzoniec

It doesn’t take much to put a new lease of life on a little used rifle. ... ...Read More >


.375 Stalker Build

Jeremiah Polacek

... ...Read More >


Cooper Arms Model 21 Rifle in .221 Fireball

Stan Trzoniec

Comes the beginning of summer, this man starts to think of the time when the fields have just bee... ...Read More >


.425 Westley Richards "Rifle System"

Terry Wieland

In 1912, Birmingham gunmaker Westley Richards celebrated its 100th anniversary with a special, ha... ...Read More >


Pedersoli 1874 Sharps

Jeremiah Polacek

We test smokeless powders in the Pedersoli 1874 Sharps Q Down Under. It is a replica of the rifle... ...Read More >


Ruger American Rimfire Long-Range Target Rifle

Stan Trzoniec

Over the past few years, rimfire rifles have started to set a standard of their own. They have de... ...Read More >


The Perfect Big Bore

Layne Simpson

In African Rifles & Cartridges, John Taylor grouped cartridges into several categories. He descri... ...Read More >


One Classy Savage Rifle

Stan Trzoniec

Times change and so do the wants and needs of the American sportsman. New cartridges seem to arri... ...Read More >


A Blast from the Past

Stan Trzoniec

Hard to believe it’s been almost 60 years since the Remington Model 700 BDL version was introduce... ...Read More >


Medium Big-Bore .375s

Brian Pearce

The October freezing rains had made it nearly impossible to walk on the slippery rocks, not to me... ...Read More >


Weatherby's Varmintmaster .224 Magnum

Stan Trzoniec

In 1981 three Weatherby Varmintmaster rifles were noticed on the rack in a store, so the one with... ...Read More >


Browning’s BAR - Ask the Man who has One!

Stan Trzoniec

Friend Joe Pirani was a Browning fan from the word go. He had Browning Superposed shotguns for fi... ...Read More >


A Touch of Class

Stan Trzoniec

When I opened the box containing the Mossberg Patriot Revere, all I could say was “WOW” – for her... ...Read More >


Shaw's Custom Mark X Sporter Rifle

Stan Trzoniec

Over the years, I’ve always been interested in custom rifles, so it wasn’t long before I followed... ...Read More >


Winchester's Model 70 Super Grade

Stan Trzoniec

The “Rifleman’s Rifle.” Heard it more times than I can remember, and by rights, tenure and the re... ...Read More >


What Is a Big Bore?

John Barsness

A couple of decades ago, a Montana outfitter named Bill Beck extended an invitation to hunt black... ...Read More >


Cooper’s Famed Model 57M Rifle

Stan Trzoniec

In my younger days, summer always meant a lot to me. There was fishing in the brook off the lane ... ...Read More >


Big Medicine for Elk

Jack Ballard

Bigger is better,” or so the saying goes in American culture; but at certain points in history, ... ...Read More >


The "Big 50"

Terry Wieland

The most famous shot fired in the history of the American West was Billy Dixon’s, in 1874, at the... ...Read More >


Browning and Winchester’s famous Model 1885 Single Shot Rifle from past to present…

Stan Trzoniec

... ...Read More >


Stopping Power


Prior to the advent of big-bore, smokeless-powder cartridges, the standard African dangerous game... ...Read More >


Big Enough and Small Enough

Terry Wieland

Winston Churchill was in his early 30s when, as Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies, he jou... ...Read More >


1870's Single Shots

Mike Venturino Photos by Yvonne Venturino

The 1870s was arguably the most significant decade in American firearms history, and despite cine... ...Read More >


Browning’s New X-Bolt Varmint/Target Rifle

Stan Trzoniec

With the thought of the lazy days of summer coming, I started to look for something fresh to take... ...Read More >


.22 Remington Jet

Stan Trzoniec

My association with Thompson/Center goes back a long time. As a writer and hunter, I was always i... ...Read More >


28 Nosler Handloads

Jeremiah Polacek

The Nosler M48 Carbon Mountain Rifle is reviewed and taken to the range, where we shot and tested... ...Read More >


MTM High-Low Shooting Table

Jim Matthews

There are many products we buy as shooters to fill a niche we perceive as essential. (Let’s not q... ...Read More >


Varmint Grenade

Clair Rees

The desert sky dawned blue and cloudless. The sun felt good in the early morning chill. It would ... ...Read More >


Varmint Cartridge Propellants

R.H. Vandenburg, Jr.

When asked to develop a feature article on my favorite varmint powders, it occurred to me that pe... ...Read More >


Six Interesting but Often Forgotten Varmint Cartridges

Stan Trzoniec

In this world of new and exciting cartridges, sometimes we tend to forget the ones that may have ... ...Read More >


Smith & Wesson M&P15-22

Charles E. Petty

Whether we like it or not, the face of shooting is forever changed. Some doubtless remember when ... ...Read More >


E.R Shaw .22-250 Ackley Improved

Stan Trzoniec

The introduction of a new rifle is an interesting option for any forthcoming hunting season, but ... ...Read More >


.223/5.56 NATO Twist Rates

Brian Pearce

Many shooters consider AR-15/M16 rifles chambered in 5.56 NATO as being modern, state-of-the-art ... ...Read More >


HSM Low Recoil 6.5 Creedmoor Ammuntion

Jeremiah Polacek

On Handloader TV we like to test various rifles and handguns. Also, from time to time, we like to... ...Read More >


The Savage B.Mag in .17 Winchester Super Magnum

Stan Trzoniec

With the birth of a new cartridge comes the introduction of new rifles. For the hunter, this is a... ...Read More >


.22/6mm Texas Trophy Hunter

Stan Trzoniec

When it comes to wildcat cartridges, anything with a .22-caliber bore gets my attention, and the ... ...Read More >


The .257 Weatherby Magnum

Stan Trzoniec

In talking with Ed Weatherby some time back, our discussion naturally gravitated to the Weatherby... ...Read More >


Winchester Model 1885

Brian Pearce

The design and development of the Winchester Model 1885 single-shot rifle was without question on... ...Read More >


Venerable Elders

Terry Weiland

The American single-shot target rifle – epitomized by Ballard, Maynard and Stevens – occupies a u... ...Read More >


Musing the Ruger No. 1

Stan Trzoniec

Looking back at Ruger Firearms history, it seems the owner, Bill Ruger, always had a knack for fi... ...Read More >


Winchester Centennial Model 1876

Dave Scovill

While the Model 73 was a remarkable success, and the .38 and .44 WCFs were considered by many to ... ...Read More >


Winchester Model 1873

Dave Scovill

The Winchester Model 73 was the result of several years of development that began with the Hunt r... ...Read More >


Volquartsen’s New Battle Worn Rifle

Stan Trzoniec

Like everyone I know, we all grew up on a .22 rimfire rifle. It was a natural thing to do. After... ...Read More >


Handloading the .45-60 WCF

Brian Pearce

In the last issue of, we offered loads for the .40-60 WCF chambered in a reproductio... ...Read More >


Careful with Bronze Bore Brushes

Ron Spomer

Copper, steel and bronze bore brushes can cause serious problems if you’re not careful. I was cle... ...Read More >