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    Winchester 125th Anniversary Custom Model 94 .30 WCF

    Many riflemen have a passion for custom rifles, and even more collect the special editions available to us every year. Some of these guns celebrate an anniversary, a milestone in manufacturing or pay tribute to an accomplished individual. With the 125th Anniversary of the famed Winchester Model 94 on the horizon, the parent company is offering an extraordinary custom lever action far below what a true hand built custom rifle would cost.

    Over the years, there have been quite an assortment of special rifles from Winchester, especially lever actions. The newest variation – the 125th Custom – is by far the most handsome and ornate. Holding the rifle at arm’s length, the Grade V/VI wood accents the rifle perfectly. On my sample, the grain, color and figure are matched on both the buttstock and forearm, complete with an oil finish and a straight grip.

    The checkering harkens back to when artisans applied their trade with intricate designs, including this fleur-de-lis, full-bordered cut pattern with spade inserts on the pistol grip and forearm. Topped off

    with a forearm band and polished crescent buttplate, these additions add to the overall presentation of the rifle.

    However, the best part is the full coverage, hand engraved patterns on both sides of the receiver by Giovanelli of Italy. Combined with gold embellishments, the left side has the traditional “Horse and Rider” and the Winchester banner. Opposite that is the classic running deer scene, the 125th Anniversary banner and the signature of the engraver at the base of this handsome example of the engraver’s art.

    Additional detailing includes highly polished and deeply-blued metalwork, a full octagonal barrel with special markings, semi-buckhorn rear and gold bead front sights. The .30-30 Winchester cartridge – a mainstay for deer hunters around the globe – finishes off this rifle in grand style.

    The Winchester Model 94 . . . seven million copies and still going strong!

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